The company wants to empower Filipinos with the mobility they need to become productive and be able to contribute towards nation building by providing them with affordable world-class motorcycles. With this dream, the company saw a big opportunity. It meant tapping a huge potential market and even creating new markets through creative marketing from market segments long ignored by traditional motorcycle traders. However, pursuing this hope was not possible with the Japanese brands that have been carried by the long-time players in the country’s motorcycle trading business, as these were priced too high. A subsequent search in five countries ended with China as the best source. Nito’s international Ventures Inc. (NIVI) and LIFAN entered into an exclusive technical licensing and supply agreement, with an added commitment for LIFAN to provide NITO’s with technical assistance and support that has made NITO’s capable to supply the Philippines with what can become the country’s No. 1 alternative motorcycle brand. This led to the creation in 2003 of SKYGO Marketing Corporation (SMC) that has now served as Nito’s wholesale marketing arm and started to establish a strong presence of the SKYGO motorcycle brand nationwide. Today, thousands of SKYGO motorcycles now cruise through urban centers and rural areas in the country in various categories, from 4-stroke mopeds and trendy bikes to workhorses and sport bikes.


Even just barely a year since SMC started business operations, various networks of dealers now carry SKYGO motorcycles nationwide that offer the market with sales packages and terms better than the leading brands. These retailers are backed with aggressive advertising and promotions through billboards and media placements. SKYGO branding is also pursued through popular basketball and racing with winning teams and good players and riders. On top of the retailing network are 101 SKYGO Authorized Parts and Service Centers (SAPSC) that can efficiently accord technical assistance, promptly respond to after-sales service needs, and immediately provide genuine and quality parts.


Beyond the trading outlets and SAPSC, SKYGO motorcycle owners have easy access to after-sales service and support through a toll-free access and the internet. With fervent prayers, the dream for SMC has taken place and things are now well in place. SMC now offers the Philippine market with motorcycles at competitive prices with the owners assured of product innovations, efficient service, parts availability and continuous support. With LIFAN from the Chongquing Group in China, NIVI through SMC is assured of not only a profitable venture, but the capability to realize the vision of being the number one China motorcycle brand in the country.

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